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"Creativity is the act of discovery and creativity lies in every person. We simply need to give shape to our own perception and bring our sensations to life in a way which highlights a belief in style and a value of unrestricted  inhibition. Creative people are not conventional, but, they have a strong desire to uncover what is real, reflect, change and accentuate life, death, mind, body and environment. Creative people are highly intelligent and constantly seeking surprise, oddity and the unfamiliar. Creative people genuinely are pushed by their awareness, acting with intuitive knowledge to reflect what can only be an example of authentic innovation." 

James Hondros


Artist paintings by James Hondros attempt to bridge inner and outer realities with a  rich experience of the beautiful, the sublime, form and matter. Within his art bears meaning which transforms boundaries to become ambitious, while softly aesthetic. As an intuitive painter the whole work is an expression of his understanding and authentic experience. His work negotiates complex arguments about abstraction and figuration with a characteristic virtuosity reliant on knowledge. This is a form of synthesis James can do by bringing together heterogeneous components, information and emotion which he understands well and coupling it with the desire to communicate through oil paint on canvas. The process using both his subject selection and choice of colours speak a language of their own.



Artist: James Hondros.
Medium: Oil on Canvas.
Size: 400mm x 600mm.
Original: Original portrait painting by James Hondros of Stephanie Bendixsen (Hex) - voluntarily created for Mental Health Awareness Week ('MentalAs').             *Original Photograph Source:
Painting Completed: 2015.